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Bialetti Moka Express

6 Cup Stove Top

An iconic 6-cup stovetop expresso maker from Bialetti for coffee lovers! This simple to use stovetop coffee maker produces excellent coffee and is sim...

Purchase - $55.00



So simple, SO GOOD...Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure, brewing yields rich smooth flavour with lower acidity and without bitt...

Purchase - $49.50

Bodum PEBO Coffee Maker


The PEBO Vacuum coffee maker is a great way to make coffee. We recommend drip filter grind and approximately 8 x 8 gram scoops of coffee. Adjust accor...

Purchase - $99.00

Chemex 6 Cup Brewer

Pour Over

Chemex combines simple function with visual elegance. The six cup brewer yields just under 900ml. It Utilises any of the following filters: pre-folded...

Purchase - $99.00

Bodum Chambord Plunger


The 8 cup / 1 Litre Bodum Chambord Press is a time-proven design and still recognised worldwide as one of the best and simplest ways to brew coffee. W...

Purchase - $63.80

Yama Hand Grinder

Hand Grinder

This portable hand grinder is adjustable for all types of brewing methods. It is crafted from cast iron and bamboo, and also can be used to grind nut...

Purchase - $77.00

Aeropress Filters

Paper Filter

We supply the Aeropress filters. Each Aerobie AeroPress Filter Pack contains 350 paper filters....

Purchase - $6.60

Hario V60 Drip Scale


The V60 Drip Scale from hario measures the amount of coffee beans, hot water and extraction time needed for making a perfect hand drip coffee. Battery...

Purchase - $88.00

Friis Storage Cannister

Bean Storage

Full flavour starts with fresh coffee. The Friis Coffee Vault - Coffee Savor blocks out light and air to seal in flavour. The Friis Freshness Valve ve...

Purchase - $49.50
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